Film & T.V. Health & Safety Training

1/2 Day Safe Design and Build of TV, Film & Theatre Production Sets – Construction Design Management (CDM)

The course has been designed to help people understand key health and safety issues involved in design and construction safety relating to productions.

The course emphasises the importance of identifying the hazards associated within the design, manufacture and build, as well the rigging & de-rigging of production sets. Demonstrating satisfactory risk assessments and gaining an understanding of the responsibilities associated with contracting associated design crafts are also featured.

The course is aimed at Production Designers, Art Directors, Games Designers, Prop Buyers, Construction Managers, Rigger’s etc. Essentially anyone who may be involved in the design, manufacture, build or purchase of any of the elements associated with a production set.

This course includes the following elements:

  • Criminal and Civil Law – brief outline to introduce concepts of risk assessment, duty of care and negligence
  • The requirement for a Design Risk Assessment and the practice and theory, and how the CDM Regulations might apply to some permanent production sets
  • Locations and Derelict Buildings, the hazards to be aware of and the use of checklists
  • Game Shows, assessing the risks associated with sets for this type of programme
  • Theatre and Studio Sets, safe materials, structural integrity, how to reduce the fire risk
  • Audience Rostrum and Seating, dynamic loading, consent from licensing authority
  • Working at heights, Taller scopes, Scaffold Towers, Mobile Elevated, Working Platforms, Ladder safety
  • The acceptable scenery manufacturing, build and rigging standards, along with the requirements for fire safety in set design and emergency arrangements
  • The need to ensure Machinery Standards (Revolves, Conveyor Belts, Mechanical and Hydraulic Effects) comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation
  • How best to manage contractors and sub-contractors and the adequate exchange of information with related resource providers
  • The safety issues relating to props

Each delegate will receive course materials detailing the key points covered in the course, and a certificate of completion. The certificates will be posted within 14 days of the date of the course.

Maximum Number of Delegates: 16